Tiny House Utopia From Baluchon

Tiny House Utopia From Baluchon

From the iconic French tiny house company, Baluchon is this gorgeous tiny house on wheels, named Tiny House Utopia. The home is a bigger version of the company's Escapade model, with all the style and functionality of the original. The Tiny House Utopia is a custom build, designed for and delivered to clients in Paris. 


  • Lounge area with a large window
  • Dining table for two
  • Large kitchen with an electric refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, stainless steel double sink, cabinet storage 
  • Bathroom with a tub
  • Loft bedroom: accessible by stairs, room for a double bed, closet space


  • Built onto a 6-meter trailer
  • Spruce frame
  • insulation: sheep wool in the floor; cotton, linen, and hemp in the walls; wood fiber in the ceiling
  • Exterior: red cedar with an anti-UV treatment
  • Interior: natural and raw white spruce paneling with solid spruce flooring
  • Utilities: VMC dual-flow ventilation, bathroom air extractor, switchgear, LED lighting

Pricing: turn-key homes from Baluchon generally run from €60,000 to €75,000. Shells are also available for sale, running between €35,000 to €40,000. Contact Baluchon here to order or have further inquiries answered!

Images © Baluchon | Text translated from French